MSCBS features a presentation session for young researchers such as students and postdocs to demonstrate their research on Day 2 of the programme. We welcome presentations of all topics related to cognitive and brain sciences.

Important Timeline

Submission of Presentation title and abstract

On or before 24 Oct 2022

Acceptance announcement by email

27 Oct 2022

You will also receive an email if you are not accepted for presentation

Submission of ppt slides

11 Nov 2022


Topic All topics related to cognitive and brain sciences
Language English
Duration Maximum 8 minutes + Q&A 3 minutes
Presentation can contain but not limited to
  • Title
  • Name and affiliation
  • Objective
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Summary
  • Acknowledgments

Important notes:

  • Only 1 submission is allowed for each participant
  • You also need to register for the Symposium to join this presentation session
  • If you are joining from UM, onsite presentation is mandatory
  • While onsite presentation is preferred, online presentation can also be arranged via zoom if you cannot come to Macau


Awardee Title
Dr. Fei GAO Shared and distinct neural correlates of first and second language morphological processing in bilingual brain
Dr. Yanlin WANG Evaluation of cortical development and early prediction in children with Autism